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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Reliable and Trustworthy Home Dumpster Rentals in Hazel Crest

For a reliable and trustworthy home dumpster rental solution in Hazel Crest you can now turn to Bin There Dump That. We offer a personal touch and tailor made dumpster rental solutions for homeowners and residential contractors.

We start with the understanding that your needs are unique from your neighbors and we focus on a solution that fits those needs. Our professional Live Dumpster Consultants are always ready to provide help and advice when you need it. Call us when you’re ready to get started.

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Select A Dumpster Sized for Your Needs

At Bin There Dump That we understand that different projects will have varying waste demands. Whether you’re taking on a garage cleanout, a basic renovation, or landscaping work, we have a dumpster that’s designed to fit your needs. We won’t try to talk you into a dumpster that’s too big for your job either. We want you to have a container in your driveway that’s just right for the project you have in mind.

You have a few different options and we outline those below:

  • 4-yard — your perfect choice for landscaping
  • 6-yard — an ideal solution for bathroom remodeling
  • 10-yard — the number one choice for roofing work
  • 15-yard — good for decluttering and spring cleaning
  • 20-yard — good for large projects or multiple small projects

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Our Dumpsters are Made for Easier Residential Use

While large commercial dumpsters can be used for work around the home, they’re often too large and get in the way. Even when they do fit in your driveway, they don’t leave any space leftover for you to park. This can be really disruptive if you need the bin for more than a few days.

At Bin There Dump That we understand the unique needs of residential clients. You don’t need a large commercial dumpster and you don’t have room for it. That’s why we’ve capped our largest bin at a 20-yard and chosen dimensions for our bins that are Residential Friendly. You’ll always have ample space to park, because our bin will take up no more space than the family van.

Effective and Time Tested Driveway Protection System

A heavy metal dumpster can easily cause damage to a driveway if not placed properly and with care. The end result can be unsightly scratches and marks left on your driveway after the bin is loaded and removed.

To prevent this, we’ve created an effective Driveway Protection System. Instead of just dropping your rental directly on your driveway, they bring wooden boards with them to place under the bin. The dumpster sits on these boards the entire time it’s in your driveway and because of that it never comes in contact with your property. This greatly reduces the risk of damage to the surface of your driveway.

FAQ on Dumpster Rentals in Hazel Crest, IL

There are a few different factors that can affect the price of a dumpster rental in Hazel Crest. This can include things like the weight of the loaded bin, the material disposed of and the length of your rental period. The average price is between $300 and $500.
Old broken refrigerators in your rented dumpster isn’t something we can accept unfortunately. They may contain freon and other harmful elements and because of that they require special handling for environmental reasons. One of our Live Dumpster Consultants can assist you with finding proper disposal options.
At Bin There Dump That all of our dumpsters are designed with your convenience in mind. That’s why every one, no matter what size, comes with walk-in double doors for easy loading.

Hazel Crest Local Guide

Although it may be a relatively small community, Hazel Crest is home to many wonderful places and attractions. At Bin There Dump That we get to see many of them every day as we head out on our routes. We can think of many of them to recommend, but here are some of our team's favorites.

Homewood Science Center

The best way to make kids love science is to make it fun and that’s what the Homewood Science Center is all about. They have amazing interactive exhibits, science demonstrations and special events throughout the year. It’s definitely worth the price of admission.

Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve

It’s a privilege to have a place like Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve nearby. When you visit the park you feel miles away from the city in the middle of nature's finest creatures and scenery. It’s a great place for some exercise along the trails or a casual stroll with the family.

Irons Oaks Environmental Learning Center

If you’re looking for a place for a team building exercise, look no further than the Irons Oaks Environmental Learning Center. It’s a great facility with climbing events, all kinds of games and an amazingly helpful staff.

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