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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Calumet City’s Fast and Friendly Residential Dumpster Service

People rent dumpsters for all kinds of reasons from home cleaning projects to major kitchen renovations. Whatever you have on your home improvement schedule, we have a dumpster solution tailor made to suit your needs. With several different sizes to choose from we’re sure we can find a fit for you that’s ideal for your needs. Let us know whenever you’re ready to schedule your delivery.

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All Rental Dumpsters Are Residential Friendly

If you’re on the fence about renting a dumpster because you have some serious concerns about how much room it will take up in your driveway we understand. It’s a major issue. A standard 15 or 20-yard roll-off container can take up a lot of room in your driveway. That’s not the case though when you choose Bin There Dump That as your trash partner.

We’ve tweaked the design of our bins to make them more Residential Friendly. You’ll find their dimensions are pretty similar to a regular family minivan. Because of that, one of our dumpsters can easily fit into one standard parking space in your driveway. Leaving you more than enough room to park on the other side.

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You Can Have Your Dumpster Delivered in 24 Hours Or Less

Time is one thing we never seem to have enough of. Even if you’ve booked a week off work well in advance of starting on your latest DIY project, that can be a wasted effort if the right tools and equipment aren’t available. Forgetting to order a dumpster for all of your construction debris is a great example.

It’s hard to find a Residential Dumpster Rental company that can handle short notice. We’re the exception to that rule. We keep a large inventory of bins in stock so that we can always make a delivery happen in 24 hours or less. So don’t despair if you forgot to order, we’re here to help at (844) 712-2467.

A Simple Solution to Driveway Protection

We believe that there’s a simple solution for most issues. A great example is the potential for a rental dumpster to damage your driveway. They’re large, heavy and metal. That’s a recipe that can easily lead to scratches and scrape marks if the bin is dropped or dragged carelessly during the delivery and removal process.

We’ve developed a simple solution for protecting your driveway that allows us to rent you a dumpster that never touches your driveway. Here’s a break down of the process:

  • For every delivery our Dumpster Delivery Experts bring wooden boards
  • These wooden boards are laid flat on the driveway
  • Your dumpster is lowered onto the boards
  • There’s no direct contact between the bin and your driveway and no scratches

FAQ on Dumpster Rentals in Calumet City, IL

Prices for a rental dumpster in Calumet City can fluctuate depending on the company you rent from, the size you rent, the weight of your load and the type of material you use it for. The average price is generally between $400 and $500 though.
The vast majority of household waste can go in a rented dumpster. That includes construction debris and old furniture. The only thing you can’t put in your bin are things that contain chemicals, electronic components and anything that poses a risk to the environment.
We let you choose the spot for placement — even if it’s right up next to your home as long as we can place it safely without risk. You may want to think about leaving a 6 foot gap though if you want access to be able to use the walk-in double doors.

Calumet City Local Guide

Calumet City is a place with character and a vibrant appeal. There’s so much to do in the area it’s hard to pick just a few favorites. If we had to reduce our list of top destinations to just a few these ones would have to be among our final choices.

Green Lake Family Aquatic Center

Combine a family friendly park setting with a splash pad, water slides and a lazy river and you most definitely have a winning combination. There’s no better way to cool off in the summer, keep the kids happy and burning energy all at the same time.

Calumet City Historical Society

Illinois is a state rich in history and Calumet City is a big part of that. If you want to learn all you can about local history then you’ll want to check out the Calumet City Historical Society. If you really want to immerse yourself in the past they offer monthly history programs that are a must for true history buffs.

Calumet Memorial Park District

Calumet Memorial Park District is without a doubt one of the best places in the Calumet City area to take the kids to so they can burn off some energy. It’s a nice family friendly park with lots of picnic tables and it’s the perfect spot to walk the dog as well.

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